Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 of the best years of my life

We have been married 5 years now, it's official. My mom and dad took the boys for the weekend and with a sudden influx of cash thanks to both sets of parents Beautiful and I had a decadent weekend of Bed and Breakfast, thrift stores, and garage sales on the Oregon coast. It was a really great time for both of us and a lot of fun to walk into a garage sale with a couple twenties in your pocket itching for a deal. Beautiful had worked 21 days straight leading up to the weekend between her teaching, tutoring, and retail jobs. She is left with only the retail now and is getting back into looking for a full time job after a month of near frantic working. We are still surviving and still able to pay all the stuff we need to. No prospects for a full time job yet but we are still hopeful and are having a pretty good time as a family.