Saturday, October 17, 2009

he's a sensitive little crooner

On Monday or Thursdays we go to Posies Cafe in the Kenton Neighborhood in North Portland and listen to Mr. Ben play some kid songs. He changes up old mcdonald to old mick jagger had a band that made some rock roll, and in that band he had some drums that made some rock and roll, with a boom boom here.... you get the idea. Well Finn has been enthralled by it and asked for a guitar of his own. Yesterday while in Clatskanie Beautiful went into Calvin's, the local thrift store and the first thing she saw was this peach colored guitar in a pink case. She talked Calvin down to $5, really he talked himself down, and Finn now has his guitar. When he got home he asked Jesse to fix the strings for him and Jesse agreed. Jesse and Finn seem to have a different timeline on fixing those strings though. Finn thought he meant this minute while Jesse is leaning to sometime this weekend. They are in open negotiations still. Last night while we were sitting in the living room around the fire Finn was playing his guitar for us and boss us around. Commanding us to be quiet, even when no one was talking and then telling us to SING SING! Then he turned the guitar up and asked what it was. "Hey guys what's this, does anyone know?" Carly said it was a guitar and Finn said "That's right Carly! It's a guitar!" This is what Mr. Ben does at music time. Jesse showed him how to use a pic but I think Finn prefers the classical style, just using his fingers. He only has three strings now but anytime this weekend he will get all six and get busy composing.


Anonymous said...

a future famous star! grammi