Sunday, June 04, 2006

4 days gone

It is day 4 of life for my little Finn and right now he is crying hysterically as the nurse is getting some of his blood for tests. She is here on a home visit to check up and Kate and Finn and the last thing she has to do is get 5 drops of blood for some test. I am in the room next door fighting the urge to yell at her to stop and demand that she leave my house and never come back. I know she is being as gentle as she can and it can't be fun to go around and make babies cry like that. He has already stopped crying now that she is done and is finding solace in mommies breasts.

The latest crying not with standing we are doing very well at home. Kate is so great with Finn and can sit and watch him for hours with the same blissful smile on her face. The feedings are going well and Finn has been getting himself to sleep after eating so that Kate and I get really nice 2-3 hour sections of sleep through the night. When it is time to feed Kate wakes me up to get Finn and get him ready. She then feeds him and passes him back to me to soothe him a little, change his diaper, and get him burritoed up and back in his basket. I don't get the incredible experience that Kate gets when feeding him but I am getting my time to bond and to take care of my son as well. It is such an amazing experience to come into a room and say something to him and watch his head turn toward me because he recognizes my voice. I want to pick him up and squeeze him when he does that.

Right now he is wrapped up and in my arms as I type this out with one hand. He is staring up at me wondering what I could be doing that is better then watching him, you know what he's right, I gotta go.


Kyle said...

try and resist the urge to squeeze him. That may cause the proper authorities to pay you a visit. It is a wonderful time. Enjoy each moment, the first few months fly by.

Meg Schroeder said...

Almost breaks my heart right now knowing that I am so far away and Finn is just being and I'm not there to see him and just be there with you all. As I'm typing this I'm realizing this makes no sense, but I cannot tell you both how much I wish I was there, or at least days away from being there. The more babies I see down here too, the harder it is, but know that we love you both, and we can't wait to get back to hold that handsome guy!! Kate, so glad to hear you're the best mom; James, thanks for taking a few precious moments away from your son to keep us updated; so appreciate it!! Love all three of you!!!

mandy said...

He is adorable, I have to say. And you guys are adorable parents. Thanks for letting me drop in this weekend. Wish it could've been for longer!

Jamie said...

Your comment made perfect sense to me Meg!! Just to be there even to sit a stare at him, at Kate and Finn, at James and Finn, at James, Kate and Finn, at James and Kate while holding Finn....etc