Tuesday, June 20, 2006

They are hard to find

He loves bellies
He loves bellies,
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I dropped Mark and Kendra off at the airport this morning for the second time in 12 hours. There was typical bad mid-west weather in Chicago that delayed their flight for 6 hours. They chose to take the early flight this morning instead of laying over in Chi town. They were here visiting Finn and helping with the house for the past week and it was so great having them here. I often miss my brother at specific times (basketball games, when I hear a certain song) but last night when I dropped him at the airport I had a deep sadness. Seeing Mark with my son and my friends, watching him work on the garage wiring it up, and seeing the way him and my dad worked on our back porch, moving in a poetic rhythm, made me miss him deeply even before he left. He is wonderful man and I wish he lived here.


Jamie said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel and I'm so lucky now!! I've waited 18 years to have my sister back. I now have my sister, my son, and my grandchildren, life doesn't get much better.....Oh yes I could have you and Mark closer. But I'm afraid I would steal all the happiness the world had to offer and that wouldn't be fair!