Friday, June 02, 2006

A wink and a Smile

We are now home from the hospital and doing well. Kate is up and moving more and more and Finn is cuter then words on this page could do justice. Thank you all so much for your congratulations and kind words. We felt so much love reading all of your messages and Finn wanted to give you a little wink to say thanks him self.


Jessica Kramer said...

He totally looks like you, James! I'm not one to think babies look like anyone specific but he really does!

jame said...

Your blog site is like a guest book. Don't forget to put all these comments in Finn's baby book! Start now or time will get away from you and when you're old like me you won't remember the wonderful things your beautiful friends said.

ps - can it be? He is more beautiful by the minute?

Anonymous said...

Hi James, Kate, and little Finn!We're so happy to get to see pictures of the cutest baby boy! Congratulations! All our love & prayers for the Lord's blessing on your precious family, From Sue & Al

Anonymous said...

Finn, your nariz y labios look just like your Daddy's but you still have to grow in to that chubby lil puggy lil face because Mommy's looks are usually hidden in the beginning! Cutie Pie! I wish I can hold you! Enjoy the loving arms of your Mama! Tia Z

Anonymous said...

Grandma Weezie said
I loved seeing the cute picture of little Finn. Congratulations and enjoy God's blessing.
Love you all, Grandma Weezie