Tuesday, June 20, 2006

House Update: Garage

This past week I was off of work to spend some time with my new son, my family, and work on a couple of projects at home. The first one we did was run power to our garage so that we can hook up the garage door opener and install some motion lights to keep the bad guys at bay. First we had to dig a trench from the back of the house to the garage so Mark did that. Then we had to thread the PVC pipes with cabling to protect it from the elements so Mark did that as well. Next we wired up a couple of outlets and lights in the garage which I supervised but Mark did entirely. Last we hooked up some lights on the outside, and by we I of course mean Mark did it. After it was all said and done Mark called up his boss in AZ and asked what a job like that would cost if they were billing it. Suffice to say I’m glad that I don’t live in AZ and that Mark is my brother because I don’t have an extra Grand laying around to do a job like this.

It was really cool watching the whole process. It is quite a simple job when watching Mark do it and he told my neighbor Jerry and I stories the whole time he was working. I will get pictures of the job up later tonight.


jamie said...

Funny you should mention watching Mark! I get all gushy watch my sister at her work too. It's a sibling thing there's nothing like em! We are so lucky to have them.

jamie said...

Better check Bing's suitcase. Those "treasures" you found will end up in there and his suitcase weight limit will be over!!