Friday, March 13, 2009

Are we many or are we all

While we were eating dinner the other night Finn turned to me and asked: "Daddy are we many or are we all?" I didn't know how to answer him mostly because I wasn't sure what he was asking me. I asked him if we were all at the table and he said yeah and named each person at the table. But then he kept naming people who had at one time or another sat at the table and had dinner with us (Grandma Peggy, Erin, Ms. Jessica, Papa, Tom Tom, Grammi.....) and pointed out that they weren't there. I guess we are many then and not all. Or maybe because in Finn's mind they had been there so they were there now and it that sense we were all. I still don't know what he was asking me or what he meant to say but I love thinking through his questions. We try to get him to flesh out what he is asking a little more but often he starts to close up if we ask too many questions. I think he feels he is not asking the right thing or that we aren't understanding him and he will get frustrated by that or shy. Our Friend Carly said that we should set up a twitter account and just post the things that Finn says with no other context. I think I would follow that one for sure.