Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one more again to the doctor

Yesterday we went to the Dr. again because Finn was complaining that his ear hurt. He would hold on to it and cry laying on Kate all day so she made the appointment. They had toys in the waiting room so his initial fear was distracted by new trucks to name but when we got called in it was back. He flat refuses to be weighed. He flips out like the scale is some mid evil torture device, or soul sucking instrument. When I tried to place him on the scale he would curl his feet in and writhe screaming. I asked for a young priest and old priest but the nurse didn't laugh. We finally got his weight by weighing me with him in my arms and then weighing me with him on the ground. He's 35 pounds by the way, a number I came to in my head and the nurse came to by writing the equations down and carrying the one. Finn didn't trust her and fought getting his temp taken in the good ear but for the Dr. he was easy like Sunday morning. She checked both ears twice, listened to his heart and felt his glands. She asked if hit hurt when he ate and he laughed and said"That's silly, eating doesn't hurt" His ears looked fine but he was a little sore under the ear. She thought it might be part of a sinus issue where the pressure was building up under the ear instead of above the nose. She looked at me and said your having sinus issues too, and you dehydrated. She said she could tell by looking at my teeth. Good times, Finn seems fine but my teeth are giving me away. Finn wanted a sticker and walked to the front desk to get it with his shoulders scrunched up around his ears. This is how he eases what ever pain he is in, or at least that is what we think. He looks like igor or the hunchback. He makes me laugh and that might explain why he still does it as much as anything else. He asks "Are you funny daddy?" I tell him I hope so but he is really funny. "Yeah I am daddy, i'm real funny, but not mommy"


James' Mom said...

Daddy's funny, Finny's funny, Henry's funny and Mommy won Daddy's heart by being equally funny as I recall. What a wonderful, funny family, you all make me smile and bring me so much joy.

PS. Love the velvet chair!

Grandma Weezie said...

That's a neat looking velvet chair--very professional! I hope that everybody is recovered by now.

Anonymous said...

What velvet chair?? I must be missing something! kris