Monday, March 30, 2009

toddler meals

We trade dinner nights as many of you know but this week our house mates are vactioning in Santa Barbara. Well not really vactioning but they are in Santa Barbara and we are not and so it is OK to hate them a little bit. Anyway with our housemates gone we are down three nights of Beautiful or I not cooking. There is some slack that has to be picked up there and we haven't worked out how that is going to happen. Last night we had Grapes, Meatballs, and some Rasin Bran. It was Henry's first night making dinner so we can give him a bit of a pass but we are going to need him to step it up. Finn is up tonight so we are super excited. He was browsing recipes from Beeler so we might be in for a treat. Luckily Kate is still baking so at least we will have good bread.


John said...

Good to know someone reads that blog.