Monday, March 16, 2009

A smattering of what is new

The boys are both on the upswing of this sickness cycle and it has been great to have some personality come back into play. Finn asked me for a cookie the other day and when I told him he couldn't have one until after dinner he said "Daddy I want to go back to work!" I had to run over to him and pick him up and give him too many kisses because he cracked me up. I think that just made him more mad. Henry likes to stand at the coffee table and talk to you in unintelligible gibberish. He is so focused though that I am pretty sure he is cussing me out or at least making fun of me. Henry now says ball, Dada, and bow bow which is what my grandma would say to me when she rocked me in the rocking chair. Henry loves to bow bow and will even just crawl up to the chair and bounce a little while saying bow bow, bow bow and then looking around with a big smile because he knows he's super cute. Kate has been busy making all manner of things. You can see the photos of her creations here. This past weekend Grandma and Papa were in town keeping the fire going all day and taking the boys as soon as the woke up allowing Kate and I to sleep in Saturday and Sunday. We have been getting out for walks despite the weather and we are doing more now instead of when X happens. It was great to get comments from the different folks who could relate to my excuses post. There was great advice and good conversations.


Anonymous said...

Kate, you are amazing with all of your new creations! That dress is so freaking cute! I'm thinking I should bring a bunch of my spare fabric to Portland and see what you could whip up while were there :)
love you guys - Kendra