Tuesday, April 14, 2009

always a big table

We had Easter lunch at my parents house for the second year in a row and Kate and I were talking on the way home about how we have had some holidays by ourselves like Thanksgiving in Indiana, and Christmas in Hawaii but we have always gone somewhere for Easter. When we were first dating we went on a great trip with Robin and Linsey to Linsey's house in Northern California. We played games with her family, enjoyed the outdoor shower and had a wonderful time with two dear friends that we both miss terribly. We have spent Easter in Arizona with my brother and the whole AZ crew, a couple of trips to Iowa to celebrate with Aunt Barb and family, and the last two with my parents in Clatskanie. We had a great lunch of ham, green beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, and all manner of desserts. We even had our first kids table! Henry was reaching across the table stealing everyones food, though few minded the help in clearing their plates so they could get dessert. Kate decorated the table with old pictures marking the place settings, including one of Bing in the bath with well placed hands. It was a nice meal and a great time spent with family in what has become the most family focused holiday for our new family. There a bunch of pictures up on Flickr to see, though sadly the bath photo has gone missing.


jamie said...

The funniest thing to me was at the end of the day when I picked up Finn to snuggle before good-bye and his pockets were FULL of cars. He was evidently tired of Natalie taking them from him so he stuffed as many as he could in his pockets. The only girl is the biggest bully.