Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the house is half empty not half full

Our house mates have been gone for nearly two weeks now and we are starting to really miss them. It's not just because we are responsible for all the meals with them gone either. The house seems really big quiet and the benefits of naked walk back from the shower don't out weigh silence. There are no creaking floor boards or terrible new music and a little less vibrancy. Our boys are doing their best to fill the space and Henry can now climb and most importantly descend stairs so he has been hanging out at the top of the stairs waiting for them to come home. Finn asks if Santa Barbara has what ever it is that we are talking about to make sure J and C are not missing out.

Does Santa Barbara have trains to ride?
Does Santa Barbara have McDonalds?
Will they see a PT Cruiser in Santa Barbara?
We have a couple of days left and we will enjoy the bits that are to be enjoyed but mostly we will count down the days until they are back and our house is full again.


jamie said...

Regardless of where I was born, I'm an Oregonian through and through and I'm so happy to see you all immerse yourselves in Portland. It is a great place for exploration and beauty. You and your children are the perfect age for such a city and you are all so eager to explore. I'm happy your here and I'm happy your all happy (including Debbie). Love you all!!

El Duderino said...

We're ready to be back and are counting down the days as well. See you in a few!