Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the one where I write too much about poop

When Kate and the boys showed up to pick me up from work Finn had a new red truck and trailer in his hands and a huge smile on his face. The truck he had was a special one because it was the one the he got when he pooped in the potty for the first time. We had a close call the night before when Finn called for me but I got there too late. We have been doing the potty training thing for the last week now and Finn had not dropped the deuce yet. He had number one down and was even mixing it up with the kids potty and the big toilet but he was seriously scared of pooping. We talked about it a lot, going through all the people who poop, but he was not a fan. I think that the close call and the rewarding him for being close was the tipping point though because the next day he told Kate, reluctantly, that he needed to go while she was on the phone with Tom Tom. She rushed him to the throne and he sat there crying "I don't want to poop, I AM POOPING, I don't want to poop, I AM POOPING!" He was right there in the center of his fear dealing head on with the poop. He got through it with some help from Kate and Tom Tom and he couldn't have been prouder of himself. I have to admit that I was so happy and proud of him. It was one proudest moments of my life, I was fighting back tears as he showed me his new truck. I can't believe how much this process has effected me. I mean it's really not that big of deal but I was about to cry because I was so happy for my boy that he pooped in the potty. This parenting thing is crazy thing. Later that night I was down watching a basketball game and it was getting around bath time and Finn had been gone for a while. I went upstairs from the basement and met Finn halfway up the stairs. He had his Lightening McQueen Chonnies halfway up and another big smile on his face. "I pooped in the potty again!" While we were downstairs Finn went up to the bathroom, sat on his potty, pooped, pulled the bucket out and dumped it in the toliet and flushed it, all without us anywhere around him. I went in and saw the tell tale signs in his potty and the big one and helped him wipe up completely blown away. So this little mang mang who yesterday would not poop in the potty for anything, then reluctantly does, then does it on his own with no fan fare or help from mommy or daddy. Apparently he aged 3 years in day and we are now out of reward trucks. The good news is that we don't really need a reward any more because Finn apparently has got it under control. I know we still have some accidents in our future but our midget is growing up and I am as proud of him as Michael Phelp's mom before that whole weed thing.


jamie said...

Would you ever have believed at 13 that at 30ish you would be bragging about poop. Crazy!! The thing about pooping and probably why you are so emotional is that he is taking one more step away from his complete dependence on you and Kate and that in itself is hard. As a parent you like to believe your children need and then they become independent and you start to feel a little left out. Each milestone is a melancholy event, you are happy for them and sad for that "little boy" who used to need you to change his diaper, or drive him to his friends house, or listen to him about how his day was. It is wonderfully rewarding to be a parent and really hard at the same time. love you all so much

Debbie said...

I couldn't be more proud