Tuesday, April 07, 2009

torture by decoration

Spring is here for sure and with it my allergies. I have been knocked out with medication or knocked out with itchy eyes, sneezing, and a faucet for a nose. I choose the drug induced stupor as the lesser of two evils. One of these days I'm gonna have a good job and get the good stuff that takes care of the symptoms without the whole nodding off at your desk situation. Kate has been real helpful with the allergies by keeping the stuff outside. Oh wait, no she hasn't. instead she makes a great big "Screw You" center piece from the tree I tried to kill when we moved in. As you can see by the flowering goodness the tree isn't dead yet. Though branches seem to be coming off of it and into our house at an alarming rate. We think the wind knocked this down but we wouldn't put it past Kate to help the wind along with some rope that she carries in her purse. Also thank you to Kris and Tom for the great easter swag and card. They sent along a number of treats for the boys that we have hidden in the easiest place to find. I wonder how sophisticated our hiding spots will get over the years. Right now the Dinning room cabinet works but soon it will have to up high. Once the boys start to figure out we are hiding things from them it will turn into a cold war game of cat and mouse. I remember being pretty good at finding the things that Mark and I weren't meant to find but we were home alone alot.