Monday, April 06, 2009

a lovely day

This past weekend was beautiful in Portland and we were able to take advantage of it nicely. We were up and out of the house early Saturday morning all bundled up and wondering how we were going to get from just above freezing to 70*. We walked over to Pistils Nursery to get our starts for the vegetable garden. Back at the house we cleaned out the back beds and planted our future harvest. Henry ate as much dirt as he could get before we moved him away. By the time we had the plants in the ground it was already warming up nicely. We made a late breakfast and opened up all the windows. After the afternoon naps we set out to find all the "Go By______" signs in Portland. Kate is redoing the boys room for the 97,145th time this month and these phots figure prominently. We took the train one stop down then walked across the Broadway bridge where we saw the Go By Train sign, then into the Pearl where the Go By Streetcar is. We took a streetcar towards NW 23rd where the Go By Cab sign is at the Cab depot. We walked back and got some Gelatto before walking back across the bridge and back home. We were sidetracked though by a fountain that Finn needed to play in. It was such a nice day in the midst of the cold winter and you can see the pictures of the day on the Flickr page.