Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IO.SYS + Coffee + TCP/IP + fresh bread = A+

I'm sitting in Panera fresh from finishing a practive test for the A+ OS test that I will be taking on Thursday afternoon. I got an 86% and I am feeling much better then I did earlier today. I am tied up in knots worrying about this test and the various practice tests I have taken do little to lessen that anxiety. I am feeling more and more prepared and the questions are starting to take on a familar patern. I know the stuff now, it is just a matter of answering the questions. Once I finish this test I will be A+ certified and have finished the toughest two tests of the cert process. Though they cover basic info the tests are much harder then the later advanced ones because of the large area of knowledge they cover. I have set a goal of finishing all my tests by the time the baby is born and that is going to mean a couple late nights at Panera studying but I know I can do it. As you think about it can you be praying for me or think good thoughts or whatever it is that you personal beliefs call for in times like this. Most of you all reading this are the people who give me the most strength.