Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not exactly Tuesday's with Morrie but I like it anyway

The excited tone of my phone alarm breaks the early morning silence and I am greeted with the chilly pre-dawn promise of cold floors and a groggy shower. Tuesday mornings I get up an hour earlier to have coffee and chat with some guys in the neighborhood. We meet under the guise of “Prayer Group” but must admit that we don’t often pray during those times. We do chat and drink coffee though and I am coming to look forward to those times earlier and earlier through out the week.

There are two or three guys that come every once and while, another that comes most of the time, and two of us that are there every Tuesday. We talk about God and Babies, Horror movies and wives, anxieties and insecurities and we laugh. There is no magic to the meeting and two hours later I can’t tell you what was so funny or so great about that time but I wait expectantly for it starting at about 10 AM on Tuesday. I file away thoughts and stories to tell the guys when I see them next and pray for them when there face comes across my mind. There is something quietly building there beneath the surface, unseen, and the glimpses I get are beautiful.