Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Something about Tuesdays

For some reason I only post now on Tuesdays and I am not sure why. Work has been really busy and the only time I can get online is at work so I have an excuse there. I have also been studying quite a bit during lunch and not dorking around online like normal so that has contributed to the problem. Anyway I wanted to write a couple of lines about this story in the Indianapolis Star yesterday about Day-Light Savings time. As most of you know Indiana does not participate in DLS so we are in one time zone in the winter and another in summer. Well the new Gov came in and said forget that noise and pushed through a bill to get us on DLS. I didn't know that was a legislative issue but it has been very contenious around. Read the article if you get a chance but here is my favorite part:

"I'm gay, and I care a lot more about this issue than gay marriage. Or property taxes," Fleischaker said. "I'm just kind of a time fanatic, and I'm just not doing it."

This guy is a clock collector and he is so worked up about this DLS issue that it is the most important issue in all of politics. Really? Seriously? Maybe I'm just a simple West Coast guy that has had this DLS business brainwashed into me but this is an issue for you? How can your identity be so tied up in your time zone. This isn't a business issue for him like it is for the folks in Gary Indiana that work in Chicago and want to be on the same time. This is just a personal preference. Sorry Dude, move to Arizona if you want to be in the dark ages, we are going with Spring ahead and Fall back. The train is leaving the station my good man, get on board.


Kyle said...

Yes we have many caves available in Arizona if you don't want to observe daylight savings.

Linsey said...

Suggested reading for clock-collecting gay time-activist: "A Sideways' Look at Time" by Jay Griffiths. On ALL the evils brought about by the clock. (Did you know clock usage leads to divorce and even suicide?) It's a good rant...