Thursday, February 16, 2006

London Calling

It seems everywhere I turn I am seeing Europe lately. I want to travel Europe very badly. Very Very badly and there seems to be a reminder that I am not going to do that any time soon every where I look. Take for example Baz's Blog where he tells of readjusting to life abroad as he goes to school in England. Or pictures from Dylan as he tells of his time in Spain. The latest movie Kate and I watched was Before Sunset with it's train rides through Austria. Most of my calls today have been for the Frommer's guides to Paris, or Germany and it is making me so anxious to go. Someday I will travel with Kate, Europass and passports in hand where ever the European winds carry us. Someday.


Barrie said...

Someday soon I hope.

Kyle said...

I don't know about European wind but make sure you are upwind of any French wind.