Monday, February 27, 2006

She plays wipeout on the drums

Kate is very pregnant now. The past couple of days she has had the opportunity to see her self in some full length mirrors and has been amazed at just how bulbous her belly is. The baby is moving like crazy and 5 minutes with your hand on Kate's belly could lead to some minor bruises. We went up to Madison, WI to meet up with Kate's sister Meg and her husband Mike this weekend and Kate did really well in the car. She spread out in the back with a couple of pillows and a blanket placed in strategic places to accommodate her belly. She is a tough girl who has been told she is spoiled so much that she tries to prove she isn't by not complaining or drawing attention to the soreness and general uncomfortable sensation that must accompany 20 pounds of focused weight. I am amazed at women in general and this girl in particular. Some times during the day I totally forget that we are going to have a baby and that Kate is pregnant but I imagine that Kate doesn't lose sight of that. I imagine that would be difficult what with the loss of balance, sore back, hormone roulette, absent mindedness, and constant need to use the bathroom. It is a good thing women carry the babies because men would complain non stop. I had a headache last night that hurt pretty bad so I complained about it. I immediately felt dumb cause Kate goes through far worse each day and just ask for short back rubs, if I'm not to busy.


jamie said...

Very true James men could never handle pregnancy or PMS. Their job is to learn how to deal with these things on the outside without blowing a gasket. Support is key!!

jamie said...

In answer to your question, "Does becoming a father mean I'm not a kid anymore." Take a closer look at you father!

He's still a kid!!