Monday, February 13, 2006

Nervous Samaritan

Last night I had to work from 5 to 11 PM to cover a shift for someone I made a trade with while Jesse and Carly were here. The person I traded with didn't actually work for me and I got in a bit of trouble but that is nothing new for me. I seem to be the King of minor workplace trouble no matter where I am. Kate came in with me and played a lot of solitaire while I chatted with less then bright students about how to register for their class "Click on the word register!"

As we were leaving at about 11:20 we came across a truck in the road with his flashers on, door open, and lights on. He was on the road that leads into the business park where ugly office buildings replace trees and they try to convince you that it's a park, not ugly office land where souls come to be punished. My first thought was to stop and help this guy get his car out of the road and see if he needed a ride somewhere but then I thought about Kate, and the baby in her stomach. I thought that it is not the safest move to stop late at night on a hidden road. The guy was sitting in the cab with a zip up hoodie covering his head and his beat up truck circa 1983 lent a sort of ner-do-well vibe to the situation.

Well I didn't stop and I kept thinking about it last night as I was trying to go to sleep. If this guy was pulling some scam and trying to take advantage of others he picked the wrong road in Indy. A car goes by there maybe once a night. The hood had more to do with the 20* temperature then any sketchy thug costume and criminals are a lazy breed and would not sit there and freeze for the tiniest chance that someone would stop. As I came into work this morning I saw the truck on the side of the road and felt bad once again that I didn't help. But here's the thing: Knowing all that I would probably not stop if that same scenario presented it self again. I notice in the story of the good Samaritan there was no pregnant wife with him at the time he picked up the stranger. Right or wrong Kate's safety meant more to me then helping that guy. There was only a 10% chance that this guys was up to no good but that was too much for me gamble on.


Barrie said...

That is a tough one James but I think you made the right call. Major props on the house by the way, looks great!

BING said...

Good call on the not stopping to help late night truck break down Guy. If anything were to happen to my grandson, cracker, or my daughter-in-law ,powder, or my # 1 son, whittey, I'd come up there and Finn slap you wittles. With much LOVE. bing

jwb said...

"Splattered in his rearview mirror a couple of seconds later was the reflection of the hitchhiker, drenched by the roadside.

For a moment he felt good about this. A moment or two later he felt bad about feeling good about it. Then he felt good about feeling bad about feeling good about it and, satisfied, drove on into the night." - Douglas Adams, So Long, Thanks for all the Fish