Monday, April 21, 2008

5 days till joy

The playoffs started this weekend and I celebrated by watching the Lakers dunk their way to victory over Denver by myself. Henry sat with me for a while and Finn came for the end but mostly it was just me saying inappropriate things to the TV and frustratingly getting Mark and Kyle's voice mail. They're both rich and can afford to watch the game when ever the damn well please so they weren't answering my call fearing I would give away something. They've been rich for a while though so I know the situation. I was laughing at the choice to guard Kobe with K-Mart and Eduardo and wanted to talk to someone about it. Kate says that basketball is the one area in my life where I am a complete extrovert. I need others to watch and talk with and I think that's true. I miss those guys the most when the Lakers are on TV. This weekend we are going to AZ to see family and friends and there will be two games on TV. I think I am more excited to watch those games with Mark and Kyle then I am about really seeing them. I mean I am excited to see them but it peaks with the opportunity to sit and yell at the TV together. To be total homers and complain about calls and non calls, make jokes about when exactly when George Karl starts drinking during the game, silly stuff that Kate rolls her eyes at when I watch a game with her. So I am counting the days until we leave, 3, but more importantly I am also counting the days until we watch some ball together 5!