Friday, April 11, 2008

Me and the boys

With two nights of work the boys and I have had a bit of time together in the evenings to have some male bonding. We played with trucks, farted and giggled, and wrestled around on the floor. Henry just kinda lays there and hopes Finn won't sit on his head but he smiles and bats us away when we lean in to kiss him. He seems to be over the shots rather quickly once again proving to us that Finn was the difficult baby. We thought for sure Henry would be payback for such an easy time with Finn but it hasn't panned out that way. (Sorry Beelers, you might be in for more of the same.)

Finn has been pretty funny lately. I have taught him to say a couple of things that crack me up. One being a certain catch phrase of Ari from Entourage. He tells me what Elmo did that day on Sesame Street and shows me his cars. He knows the difference between a wagon (vagon), SUV (two vishy), truck (truck), bull dozer (bull-truck), car (car), and various other types of trucks. He associates types of cars with people so that all Jeeps make him talk about Aunt Bum, all sedan's lead to talk of Aunt Jamie, and R.V.s to Tom Tom. He talks a lot and with mostly discernible words. He loves Henry and likes to make him smile but he wants to play with him badly and doesn't understand that rolling his truck on daddy's leg is not the same as running his truck on Henry's head. He always looks so confused when we get upset with him for it. The last two nights have been really great, there is a lot of freedom to being the one that is home alone with the kids. You know your role, what's expected of you. Sometimes with both Kate and I there we get annoyed when the other isn't doing "their part".