Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A walk awalk awalka

We went for a long walk Sunday and it was really great. If you ask Finn how it was he'll say "Pretty good." That is his answer for just about any question you ask him. He says it in such a nonchalant way too. We wandered through the fields of the sports complex across the way. Stopping to watch some Little league baseball, women's soccer, and the skater boys watched over by a line of parents in their S.U.V.s. We cut across the street to the Nike World Campus and meandered the bark trails. We walked up to Costco and had a lunch of pizza and frozen yogurt. We made our way back home through side trails of ducks and play grounds. Finn was in and out of the stroller a number of times on our 3 hour walk and played on 3 different playgrounds. Henry slept in the swaying hammock oblivious to the many rain showers and even hail. It was nice Portland day, and a great long walk around our new world.


Linsey said...

Um, that could be the Cutest Picture Ever...!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture James. Good job!!! kris