Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's like getting waxed, only not at all

We have had two sick kids for the last couple of days but that sounds a lot tougher then it actually was. Finn seems to be fairly cheerful when he is sick and Henry just wants to breath. Kate and I were up late last night trying to make sense of our future, silly I know, and Henry was up early. I got up with him and went downstairs to hold him and try to get hi back to sleep. The problem was he was all stuffed up and he hasn't learned to breath through he mouth at all it seems. I had him on my chest face down and he was moving his head back and forth like mad. He really has great neck muscles for kid his age, like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. After a couple minutes of his thrashing we got up and looked for the great nose plunger to help him out. The thing was, during all his back and forth over my chest he had coated me and his face in baby snot. It was sad and gross and funny and sad but mostly gross. I got a towel and wiped my chest off and then cleaned up Henry's face. I then got the infant sized turkey baster and cleaned out his nose which he took great exception to. He was super angry but breathing well and I wrapped him back up and placed him in the swing, a little snot shy from our last snuggle, and he was asleep in no time at all. I went back to sleep as well and dreamed of snot, I wonder what Henry dreamt of?


Mandy said...

You used the best cure for a snotty baby! Probably with a little salt water is the best cure for all of us with stuffy noses!