Saturday, June 06, 2009

10 random things you need to know about henry

Here are some things that you might need to know about Henry:

  • When he's upset he lays on the ground crying with his mouth open and directly on the floor. He does it indoors and out and we are not sure why.
  • He eats roughly twice as much as Finn does at this point.
  • When it comes to stairs Henry thinks he can walk down them but he can't, he can scoot backwards or roll down them headfirst and lately he mostly rolls down head first.
  • When the music starts Henry gets a good head bob going then looks at me and cracks up.
  • He doesn't so much run as he speed walks with his shoulders hunched and his belly out. He is surprisingly fast.
  • His favorite toy is whatever Finn is playing with, he likes to steal it and then cry when Finn tries to get it back.
  • He's got some new words that he is saying: mama, daddy, papa, fffffaa (that means Finn), ball, jesssa (that means Jesse), wow, oh no, and weak side rotation. OK that last part wasn't true but he thinks it's funny when I yell at the TV during Laker games. He shakes his head at Trevor Ariza for not rotating to the guy in the corner when the ball swings out of the strong side trap.
  • Henry is mostly through his putting things in his mouth phase, except when it comes to dirt and sand.
  • Sadly he is no longer the red headed one, though that will be what I call him when I talk about my kids. There names are too hard for me to remember


Jake Alger said...

The "putting things in the mouth phsae" is heckuv scary. The first day I saw a wad of half-eaten paper stuck to my son's leg, I freaked out.

Heather said...

Being the red headed one isn't all kicks and giggles. You can tell Henry I said that.