Wednesday, June 10, 2009

taking a crazy day

The blond one had a tough day today with ear problems and some other issues that had him half crying half screaming for good portion of the morning. The red head being the sensitive little man that he is joined in the course with his own sympathy cry driving Beautiful to the brink. I came home early from work and took over so that could go to an appointment and try to reboot after a tough tough morning. The thing is though that the storm had been weathered. The kids I inherited were not the same ones that had driven Beautiful crazy. I think she was happy for the break but also secretly bummed that they were not as hard on me as they were on her. I got home in time to give them naps after dosing the blond one up with some medicine and then listening to music down in the basement. After naps the sun broke through and we got out and about returning books and movies. The Blond one wanted me to drop him off at the corner so he could play with his friends. The Red head and I stayed on porch and played. He tried to walk down the stairs again and again took a nice tumble. It was one twist and one flip, a 6.3 degree of difficulty and when he stuck the landing it was only the Russian judge that stood in his way of a perfect score. He cried for a minute and then just laid on my shoulder for another ten minutes while I made sure that he was still awake. He's got a nice purple bump on his head and a scratch on his ear. The next time he came to the stairs he turned around and backed his way down from about three feet out. I'm glad that he's learning a bit from all these falls. Hopefully he can get the lesson before he deforms his head so bad he won't be able to wear t-shirts cause he couldn't get them over his giant noggin. Hopefully the time away will help tomorrow for Beautiful.


Jake Alger said...

Kudos for giving Beautiful the day off. And here's hoping the dome will slowly fall back to its original state, much like car-seat upholstery.

Anonymous said...

You write great blogs! kris