Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hey brother

This past weekend the boys and I went to my parents to give Beautiful a free weekend. While we were getting ready to leave Finn tackled Henry and started pushing his head into the ground. Henry was cool with it for a bit but then it started to hurt and he got super angry. It made me so mad that Finn would try to hurt Henry like that but Henry immediately wanted to be in the room where Finn was in time out. He didn't want Finn to get in trouble. In the car on the way Finn grabbed a book of animals and started reading to Henry. He asked him what sound a cow makes and when Henry did his best moooo Finn got so excited and said "That's right Henry, good job!" and reached over and stroked his face. I was as moved by that scene as I was by the head smashing and I could see that they were totally brothers. They will have the toughest fights and the closest bond and will continue come back for more. I thought of my brother and how close we were and still are and I felt excited for these two. They are just in the beginning of their time together and there is so much in store for them. If they don't kill each other first.


jamie said...

Wait till they go on a road trip somewhere and one of them has to read the map. That will be a true test of their relationship. That was the turning point for your mother and I and now we are great friends. You see, age does not determine the pecking order.