Monday, June 22, 2009

night at the movies

Saturday night after dinner and baths for the boys we drove down south to Newberg to find the closest Drive-In. One of the things that we loved most about Indy was the trips to the Drive-In with our friends the Beelers and though we are no where near finding the closest Beelers in Portland we did track down the outdoor theater. We arrived way to early not knowing how long it would take to drive 25 miles South West and we did not bring shoes for the boys. We thought that they would be in the car or on our lap, well thought is a little strong. The truth is we didn't think and just forgot shoes. We watched Night at the Muesem and The Hangover. Henry made it about 5 minutes into the first movie, Finn made it about an hour into the first movie and Kate and I made it all the way through. Some hightlights of the night include Finn talking to the folks in the car next to us, as can be seen in the picutre above. We asked him to leave them alone and he said "I'm killing them mommy, I'm killing them!" We asked what that meant and he said Papa says it "Your killing me Finn." He was making them laugh and making us laugh to. Henry enjoyed the popcorn and beverage that we all finished before the movie started as can be seen in the picture below but the best part of the night was the guy that came over the radio to tell us about the movies. He rambled on about who was in the movie and what it was about with no real idea where he was going. He talked to all of us like we were all friends "You remember Amy Adams from Enchanted right, we loved that movie as you did I'm sure." "look out for some boxers tonight in the movies, George Foreman will make and appearance, as will Mike Tyson and Mr. T" Kate asked me is Mr. T was really a boxer and I said no, but he played one in RockyIII so he was close enough. It was really great in a kind of drunkin rambling way. The guy came back on during the intermission to tell us his favorite parts of the movie we just saw and to get us into the snack shack for some refreshments. We made it home at about 2:30 in the morning but it was a great night. If your night patronizing your local Drive-In you are really missing out.


jamie said...

Drive-ins hold some of my fondest memories of my childhood and sharing that with Doug during his childhood as well. Thanks for that great post.