Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 babies and a man

Day two of being at home with three boys went really well. So far all the boys are playing really well with each other and I have successfully kept them from causing major injuries to themselves and each other. Henry is trying to run with Finn and keep up and Ian is trying to keep up with Henry. I have them napping at the same time in the afternoon giving me 2 hours of personal time that was taken up by a book today, and internet time yesterday. We are trying to find time to get to the zoo but with the little ones taking two naps there isn't enough consecutive awake time for all three of them. I think later when they are all down to just one nap we can do more of that. After Carly got off work she took all 3 boys on a walk giving me plenty of time to make dinner before Jesse and Kate came home from work and Kate took care of the baths afterwards. That is one of the benefits of being the stay at home dad, both moms are a lot more helpful then I would be or Jesse. No word on jobs for Kate though she has been pretty busy with the two she has right now and the trickling in paychecks are sustaining us. I think a bus pass would benefit us nicely, maybe I can negotiate that as part of my Daddy day care services.