Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i rest my case

I know there are some of you B.O.B. stroller people still out there even after that brilliant letter Beautiful wrote a year ago on her blog. Listen a B.O.B. is great if you got one kid and you don't mine taking up so much space at the market. But once you come to your senses and realize that more is better when it comes to kids but not with obnoxious stroller foot prints then the Phil and Ted is the way to go. Have you seen a double B.O.B.? It is ginormous and there is no way you could get that thing around the farmers market without knocking over the fresh flowers and getting all up in some granola girl next to you. It's just rude. Phil and Ted on the other hand has the small foot print coupled with the carrying ability that you need. I won't even have the discussion anymore about which is better, I mean look at that picture above, are you getting that kind of capacity from a B.O.B.? I think not. Wake up people, and by people I mean Jen!


jen lindwall said...
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jen lindwall said...

Listen man. I never thought I would say this, but I am indeed convinced. Every time Ben and I are out and see a double BOB, he says something to the affect of, "James is so right, look at that thing, it takes up the entire sidewalk. Geez."

However, every search on Craigs List only leads to more "WTB a Phil and Ted's stroller" by other such as ourselves in the Metro area. We shall see how make this dream a reality.

Thanks for enlightening us and saving our children from humiliation with granola girl.

Meg Schroeder said...

Amen brother, and Jen, there's no hope with Craigs list; we tried too. And then we finally gave up and ordered one online. There's a couple of stores that carry them, but you get a better deal online. That's right, just avoid any of the in-between strollers and go with the big guns.