Wednesday, September 16, 2009

baby feeder and ESL teacher

Finn was really great with Tobias most of the time. He would even give him a bottle in the car while Kendra was driving. He has been just as helpful with our exchange students that he met tonight. They were during the time we were in Arizona so we have nearly missed their entire stay. But tonight we picked them up from their day trip to Seattle and took them out for Pizza on their last night in Portland. Finn was shy at first but quickly came around to two adoring people that laughed at his every silly face. He is a slave to comedy so when they started laughing he started hamming. By the time we were walking to dessert he was fully comfortable. They were holding hands crossing the street and when the trains were not running and we had to take the bus Finn explained it to them. When they told him OK in their heavy accented english that sounded more like "Row kay" Finn corrected them. "Now Row Kay it's Ohh kay, ohh kay!" They quickly answered OK without the R and Finn nodded his approval. It's really too bad he wasn't here for more of their stay but what little time they had with him they loved.