Sunday, September 20, 2009

no really they love eachother

The boys are getting along really well lately despite the looks of the picture above. Henry is able to run and keep up with Finn so he is making for a better playmate then he has in the past. He gets the parking of the cars game and understands just about anything you tell him to do. He knows his Cars from his trucks, his tractors from busses so Finn accepts him into the "Detail every car that goes by" game in the car. We spent the morning after church at a playground and the boys played together on the play structure, climbing the slide and hiding from other kids. They were interacting with other kids on the playground as well but were doing much of it as a team and I liked what I saw. I know that as they get older they will play more and more together as they fight more and more as well but watching that "get older" process happen in front of me hits me off guard. All of a sudden they are older. At the park today I was feeling a bit tired of being on duty all the time. Beautiful is working over 40 hours this week and next, 7 days a week in a collection of jobs. It's an odd schedule that suites her with nothing starting before noon. She has been helping me with the boys a bit but we are still trying to find steps to that dance. There have been some missed beats and toes stepped on but we are trying to communicate expectations and I think that is working. I think we both could do a better job of putting words to our frustrations but when is that ever not true. I guess you never stop learning how to work together. Finn and Henry are just starting and Beautiful and I are 5 years in now. We will all get better as we get older, that's the goal any way.


Anonymous said...

dear James, i heard the 1 2 3 4 song this morning in the restaurant where i was eating breakfast, and almost cried thinking of henry and finn! love kris