Friday, September 18, 2009

the not so red head anymore

Henry has been chatting up a storm lately. He has an ever increasing vocab and likes to sing in the car. He uses NO to answer any question, it is low and slow when he means no and higher and short when he means yes. We are trying to get him to say yes but it comes out jesshh. He is fearless climbing anything and Finn worries about him a bunch. When we were taking off on the plane we hit a little patch of turbulence and the plane dipped. Henry was saying "off, off, get down, no fly, off, get down...." while shaking. Once we got up there he was fine but I felt so bad for him. He is getting so much personality the more he can say and he is funny like his brother. Henry is also our minor tantrum thrower. When he is mad or can't do something he starts his loud cry and starts running off high stepping his feet like he is dotting the I at half time of the Ohio State game. It is super cute and doesn't at all help him get what he wants.