Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to the grind

For the first couple of days back from vacation I have felt a little sick. Maybe not sick, maybe awkward is a better way to put it. A general uncomfortableness that some times hurts my head, sometimes makes me nauseous, and some times just makes me uncomfortable in my skin. On Tuesday night when we were at Lamaze class I tried on the "Sympathy Belly" and with my general malaise it seemed oddly poetic. I definitely had sympathy for Kate as a six pound bag of sand sat on my bladder and the belly pulled against my back. It felt so much better laying on my side then sitting or laying on my back but it all felt uncomfortable and hot. I was wearing the belly feeling nauseous and listening to the nurse tell us about what was going to happen after Kate had the baby. It was gory and long and I felt like any progress I made in earlier classes getting acclimated to the hospital and the process was lost in that class. We left early because they were going to do a hospital tour and we had already done that. Before arriving home we stopped off at the coolest people in Indy's House and we all went to South Bend Chocolate for some choc. fondu. I felt better for the company and the chocolate and somewhat convinced myself that I would do OK again.


jamie said...

You felt better after chocolate because you were still in that "female" sympathy mode!! Welcome to our world. You would have felt even better if you bought yourself something cute and new to wear!!

The Popular Stranger said...

Coolest people of Indy unite!
I'm glad you guys stopped by. We're such fans of the drop-in.
And we will all do alright. I honestly believe that....Most of the time...The other 35 percent of the time is when I'm thankful that we have friends experiencing this for the first time with us.
Because it is really about the uniting of power...or ignorance....or something....