Thursday, March 02, 2006

I made the cut

I am intimately familiar with cut lists. All of my basketball playing life has been formed around whether or not my name was on that list. Some times the name on the list means your in, sometimes it means your out, but you stare at it for what seems like hours processing. With basketball teams there was always multiple cuts and I don’t think I was ever cut on the first one. I am not a great baler but I can dribble and run at the same time and you would be amazed how many people try out that can’t do that. Making the first cut usually isn’t that much of a distinction.

Well now I am up for this new job with four other guys and there is a two interview process. All four get the first interview and then the top two get a second interview. I guess there was already a cut that happened to get it down to four but today we found out who made the cut. As I came in this morning I was feeling a strangely familiar twinge in my stomach. I would get this when ever it was Report Card day or when the cut list was posted on the Gym. I wasn’t getting my report card so it must be cut day. Opening up my email I saw the message letting me know I had moved on to the next round of interviews. It is down to me and another guy but I don’t know who that guy is (officially I don’t, but I have a pretty good idea who it will be.)

So the final round happens tomorrow morning with one of the big wigs of the company. An East coast guy that some find hard to be around because he can be caustic and combative, the interview is scheduled for an hour but I have been told that it will probably go longer. I am really excited about this one because of the challenge of it. I will be brushing up on my Interview for Dummies though just in case.


jamie said...

Your mother told me some of the stuff you talked about during the first interview. No wonder you made the cut.

As we say in the Theatre "break a leg" tomorrow.

much love and positive thoughts to ya.

Linsey said...

Good luck with everything!

Your Mom said...

Well you definetly made the cut of my top two favorite sons! I haven't made my final decision however so keep up the good work!

Couldn't be prouder..