Monday, March 20, 2006

Hawaii - Day One

After 10 hours of flying we are in Hawaii. Kate and I in Hawaii, living it up like some newly wed couple trying to stretch their honeymoon well into the second year of marriage. Now we are also here with 16 other relatives of Kate including her immediate family and their significant others, grandma Weezie, uncles, aunts, and cousins but it felt like just the two of us when we woke up just before dawn and looked out our window over the bay to see the mountains taking their shape from the growing light. As the morning breeze ruffled our curtains and the stray roosters called for the sun it felt like we were alone. But then the day dawned and we were reminded again that we are not alone. Not by a long shot. But we like it better this way. It is fun to go on a morning walk with Mike and Meg and watch the sun come over the water. It is nice to have fresh pineapple and papaya with grandma Weezie and talked about when to plant our milk carton seedlings in the ground (Mother’s day). We had a good time riding over to Mandy and Scott’s and play pinochle with Tim and Deb. The variety of people and personalities make for a fun time for me. I love exploring those mildly fanatical things in our lives that we try so desperately to keep hidden. We all have them. That one thing that once we get started talking about we almost can’t control our selves. If you don’t think you have it ask your significant other what it is and they will let you know. I talked to Kate’s Cousin Sean today about his love of Kung Fu, Tae kwon do, and American boxing (that’s just normal boxing with fists as opposed to kick boxing). I asked him if he could take this stick away from me if I attacked him with it, yes. I asked him if he ever had to use deadly force, no. I asked him if he could if he needed to, yes. I asked if he was ever yelled at to sweep the legs, no but he got the reference. He lit up talking about it, and his wife interjected through out and I knew I could talk about this all day with him. I plan on exploring it more through out the week so if anyone has any questions for me to ask leave a comment. I will try to get pictures up soon but I don’t have a digital camera so I will have to rely on others.


Linsey Savage said...

The rooster reference makes me think Kaui... am I right?