Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend things

It is amazing the new life old friends have to power to bring into your life. I think this weekend for Kate was just such a phenomenon. Jen and Audra came down from the twin cities to gawk and ahh at Kate's belly, our quaint house, and our great friends. After a week of wrestling with promotions and interviews it was nice to unwind with hours of heavy conversation on relationships, economics, gender roles, wal-mart, and what a great guy I am! Ok so I made up that last part but I think that Kate would have said if pressed.

I still haven't found out about the job status yet but word is that it will be this week for sure. The talk around the office is that there is paper work to be done but no indication on whose behalf the paper work is for. It will be known soon enough. For now I field calls like the one I got today by a guy who had our Beginning Unix book. He was upset that the instructions on the CD were in German. "What kind of back-ass-wards company do you run there!" the guy said to me on the phone. "Sir, can I have you look at the middle of the screen where it lists the languages and go ahead and choose one of the ones you do understand. I'm sure you'll find dumb red neck listed there somewhere." Some people are so sensitive. He thought I was calling him a dumb red neck but that was not the case, I was merely pointing out an option for him.

As Esse would quote "Thank you Come again!"