Friday, March 10, 2006

Customer Technical Support Team Leader, Tier I

Today I found out that I got the job as Team Lead, a process I have been chronicling a bit on this site. I accepted the job and will officially start on Monday March 13. I am pretty excited and very honored to have gotten the job. Part of me wanted the ability to work from home but I know this is the better opportunity and the wiser choice. One really cool byproduct of starting Monday is that I will get paid a bit more to go on Vacation in two weeks then I was going to get previously. There is something really satisfying about a raise kicking in while on vacation in Hawaii. Oh had I not mentioned I was going to Hawaii in two weeks. Hmm must of slipped my mind.


ben said...


linseys said...

First my MOTHER goes to Hawaii, and now you???? Can somebody say UNJUST?????

(CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion!!!!)

P.S. Kate looks gorgeous!

bing said...

Congrats. Your a leader and you be going to the Islands man. Is'nt life crazy with highs and lows! You deserve it James.