Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Chickty China the Chinese Chicken

3 years ago on the day I met my beautiful. A little over two years ago I married her and 5 months ago to the day we had are little boy. For the first time that I can remember I am home handing out candy on this special day and Before this turns into a Bare Naked Ladies song let me tell you what I’m going to do. I am going to keep a running diary of the Trick or Treater’s that come by our house tonight. With out any further ado let us begin:

5:30 P.M. - We are back from picking Kate up from work and Finn is getting his dinner. It has been a rough day for the little monkey. We have 3 large bags of Candy, the good stuff too, Reese’s products and some Hershey’s Kissables, all we need now are kids.

5:34 – The first kids arrive and I can’t tell what they are. They just seem to have some makeup on their faces. I hand them each a candy and close the door only to find out from Kate that I am supposed to let them pick their candy. Really? Is that how it goes? The next kids I will let pick but those greedy little monkeys are still only getting one piece, this is good stuff kids.

5:38 – The second knock comes and it is a 5 and 3 year old. I let them pick and the 3 year old (Lion) says “Thank you”, when I tell him he’s welcome he says “Your Welcome too” Now that kid can have two pieces of the good stuff.

5:43 – We have just been invaded by Ninjas. There was 4 of them, at least I think there was 4, you can never be sure with Ninjas. They were also with some kids that are right on the cusp of being too old for this.

5:44 – Behind the Ninjas were some 12 year old in nothing but ugly masks. Come on kids, a little more effort then this please.

6:08 – A long gap between trick or treaters was broken with some scary vampires and a little princess. The little princess tried to pick a candy but couldn’t pick it up and so she just pawed at them for about a minute until her mom grabbed one and off they went. The little princess can have two candies too.

6:10 – Finn has had an accident and it is all over his onesie. Kate is trying to take a relaxing bath and we thought Finn was taking a nap but instead he is decorating his clothes with poop. I grab Finn and take him back to where Kate is taking her relaxing bath. There are knocks on the door but I can’t get to them. We get Finn stripped and sort of wiped down and then into the tub for a deeper cleaning. I go back to the door for a family that has done nothing more them draw black lines on their face.

6:18 – The Goshows stop by to rest while Ben gets the car. Nia is a princess and Harper is a Dinosaur, well done Goshow kids!

6:20 - More ninjas and Vampires, I think the Ninjas are winning out as the costume of the night as far as sheer numbers are concerned.

6:22 – Josie is now at our door asking for Water. Most kids want the candy but not Josie, she wants water. I tell her she can have some but apparently her mom has already told her no. Dang It! Must remember to say “Ask your mom first”

6:27 – Just had a couple in their late 20’s, early 30’s come, no kids just them. They had a great costumes (Classic jail uniform and witches costume down to the boots) but the dude had a freaking beard! Come on man. Fountain Square, It’s FANTASTIC!

6:41 – Apparently the grown couple has scared away the kids because we didn’t have a soul come by for 15 minutes. A couple of pre-teen boys in Scream costumes broke the drought.

6:43 – Another Family of kids where only the little ones are dressed up but all of them are getting Candy. This is something I didn’t get to pull with just Mark and I. If only we had more brothers and sisters we could have got the candy without all the fuss. The two little kids were so cute though that the more then made up for their ner-do-well siblings.

6:45 – Brian and Liz from Pleasant street stopped by with Nora the fairy for some candy but since they hadn’t been in our house before we gave them the tour. We handed out candy and between stories of Floors and Porch remodels.

7:01 – We just had a mother and her two sons stop by. One son was about 6 and dressed as superman, the other was in his 30’s or 40’s developmentally disabled and dressed as Freddy Kruger. The older son kept reaching out and grabbing Finn’s foot and then letting go really quick. I found myself transferring Finn to my left arm to free up my right hand and placing my shoulder between myself and Freddy. It was an unconscious move and I didn’t think this guy was dangerous at all but you never know. The family got their candy, remarked on how cute Finn was and left with Freddy still lurching out every couple of seconds and just touching Finn’s foot. Finn thought it was hilarious and as they left I realized I had been holding my breath a little.

7:09 – There is a peapod in the window of the front door and nothing else there. It’s COSI! And Tonya and John are with her but COSI! Finn squeals and smacks his hands repeatedly, he likes his Cosi girl a lot.

7:12 – Three little punk rock girls show up at the door looking so cute. They are probably between 4 and 6 and their candy bags are bigger then they are. Behind them are some more ninjas and I realize that the candy bowl is dangerously low.

7:18 – 7 kids come and there is 6 pieces of Candy in the bowl. CRAP, which one of these little monsters is not getting a piece of candy? We pass out the remaining candy and then shut the doors and turn off the lights. It was a good run and we gave away a lot of good candy. The kids will remember this house for years to come, we will not have our pumpkins smashed this year I know it.

7:40 – There is a knock on the door even though the lights are out and the front porch door was shut, it’s Jerry come to talk about the potential development of Pleasant St. I guess the kids stuff is done for the night.


Meg Schroeder said...

Nice work, James. Really enjoy the play-by-play; I'll have to remember that one when we have a house that actually gets trick-or-treaters. In Duluth, ironically, in our cute, safe neighborhood on the East side, we got only a handful, and Mike always got the full-size candy bars from Sam's Club! The first year we were there, we felt bad 'cuz we were going to be gone all night, so we did the basket outside with the note saying on your honor, only take one. Mike tried to mix in half of this gigantic bag of saltwater taffy; needless to say, all the chocolate was gone, and most of the taffy was left. We ate taffy at our small group until Christmas. We thought we must've gotten quite a few visitors; as the next couple of years passed though, we realized it must've been a couple greedy scammers.