Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A post delayed

Here is something I wrote after my friends Jesse and Carly got married but had not posted for reasons to strange to get into. Anyway :

It is Monday morning and I have had a great weekend. I got to see a lot of family and friends, I got to go to the Press Room with 6 of my favorite guys, I played basketball (albeit poorly due to the previous) with my dad and brother, and my best friend got married. While I didn't keep a journal here are my favorite parts fleshed out a little more:

Kate, Finn and I flew in to Phoenix where right off the plane we were met by my mom and dad and Mark and Kendra. This is the first gate greeting I have experienced since 9/11 and it is so much cooler then the baggage greeting. That sense as your walking through the tunnel that any second you are going to see someone special. It seems that while Kate and I were well greeted Finn was the star of that skywalk and was promptly whisked from my arms by my mother. We were all flying on the same flight into Santa Barbara from Phoenix, hence the gate greet. My parents flew in from Portland and Mark and Kendra drove to the airport from around the corner. Not exactly the "Meet me at the Eiffel tower" or "On top of the Empire State Building" but it was a scene worthy of any Audrey Hepburn movie none the less.

The next morning we met up with Jesse at the Tux shop to make sure our gear fit for the wedding. I was the best man and I used the measurements from my wedding two years ago so I was a tad nervous about the fit. All for naught though as the tux fit like a champ. Both Mark and Kyle had some trouble with their suits but they were quickly fixed and we were off to La Superica for some tacos. Here is one of the reasons I love SB. It has 5 or 6 great places to get what your looking for to eat. You want Mexican I can give you at least 10 places that are infinitely better then the best hole in the wall joint in Mexi-Indy. Right off the plane I had an In and Out burger, the next day I had a Chubby's burger. Anyway the rehearsal went good and soon we were getting ready to hit the Press Room for a Pint or 6. There was the classic crew of Mark, Kyle, Adam, Dave, Rodney, Jesse, and myself and some new classics in Troy and Ben. Sitting in the window of the Press Room laughing and bending the elbow made me feel like I still lived here. We then headed to the Rhino for some poker, and by Rhino I mean Jesse's apartment. Cigars were smoked, hands were played and Kyle tried to rip off the Groom.

Nothing helps get you over a wicked hang over like some basketball so we hit the courts reeking of cigars and beer. Those that didn't drink the night before were now all of a sudden all-stars but it was still a lot of fun. Back at Jesse's we got showered and suited up. I tried to tell Jesse that today was not only a day for him but for us as well to have direct outlet to show him how much we loved him by getting anything he needed but we both teared up and had to abandon the conversation. It's two hours before tip off and I am already having to fight back tears, this is going to be a long day. Luckily waiting at the ceremony was the antidote to my tears: the wedding coordinator. Since this person is also Carly's Aunt I will spare the tirade and only say that the phrase "I want to stab her in the throat with this plastic fork!" was heard more then a time or two. The ceremony was held overlooking the harbor in Softball Park (I really should know the name of this place but I don't so word association will have to do) and was beautiful. Jesse was swaying like an old Muhammad Ali doing kareokee but he made it through 3 sermons like a champ.

Being a part of Jesse's wedding was huge for me. The enormity of the whole event is more then I can put words to because Jesse that special to me. There is a line in the Toad song "Brother" that fleshes it out a bit. This will get a little mushy and I apologize for that but my boy got freaking married so deal with it, anyway this is the lyric:

so much has changed and so much has happened these years
but still I find that you
are waiting here
we have a bond that nothing can change
and still I find
a peace of mind whenever I hear your name

There was Barcelona Bar-B-Que for the reception though the aforementioned wedding coordinator saw too it that I didn't get too eat much of that. After the wedding all of the parents of us boys (kyle, aaron, adam, mark, james, and jesse) met for Coffee to congratulate themselves on getting all of their sons married off. It was a bizzaro Jane Austen moment that was just as beautiful to watch as the wedding was. Around that table were the people that had shaped our lives the most. Not just our own parents but our friends parents as well. It seemed like they should have presented with plaques or some other token of our appreciation but I know that their kids around that table was token enough. It was a thick moment, rich with the flavor of jobs well done. If any of you are reading this, Thank you! you did well, you did very well.

Sunday found us waking up at the camp to pack up to leave. More time with Family and friends was icing on a wonderful cake and I as sit here a day later remembering and writing I am acutely aware of the special people in my life. Congratulations Jesse and Carly, thank you for allowing the rest of us to participate in your love, and thank you for shining the light on the love that lead both of you there. I love you guys.


~Jezay~ said...

Awesome post James. You did a fantastic job, and the wedding was a blast. Carly's family is a big fan of yours, as I get the occasional "Your best man was a hoot...and isn't he a funny one." Yes sir!

Meg Schroeder said...

Now who's getting mooshy about the people he loves? Nice James, v. nice to hear about the people who have impacted you!

Mom said...

James, you captured the heart of that weekend. We are so rich in the things that matter the most, family, friends and the celebration of love. What a privilege to share that day with our precious Jesse whom we (Bing and I)love as if he were one of our own. The xtra long table at the coffee shop contained all our hopes and dreams and did not disapoint.