Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm Part of a Play Group now

On Wednesday morning after dropping Kate off at work I went to a play group with Johnnie History. For those of you uneducated yokels (Jesse) a play group is of parents, usually moms, that get together to have their kids play together while you practice talking with other adults. This play group was at the Kaufman's, whose son Atlas is one of the Fantastic Four. Actually all four of the wonder kids were there for this play group, they should really thin about renaming this group to recognize that fact but some of the other parents of not so Fantastic Fourish kids might get offended. Anyway I felt really odd there at first, like I was an imposter and any minute one of the moms was going to make me leave. We ate muffins and watched the Super Baby who is 10 months old, potty trained, and knows sign language. I listened in on a conversation about the best techniques for putting a 2 year old back to bed and took some notes on the sly. I think that is part of the gig, to learn form each other and share what you know but just in case I didn't want anyone to see me and laugh. I like play group, it is a lot different from any group I have previously been a part of but I think it is a sign of things to come for me.


Anonymous said...

I was worried about you, and I drove away thinking, "Heck, James hated that."

I have to say that I love it. It's interesting, because the dynamic is so totally different, so motherly, that it's jarring.

But I like feeling like an imposter or an invader. Frankly, I think the playgroup's atmosphere needs a little manly manness.

GNIB said...

Yeh I remember play group. Back in the seventies, unemployed, a bucket of beer, me and about four other ladies getting our buzz on. What a good time.

JR said...

Who is the first Anonymous? Carrie? The second one is my dad, should explain a lot huh?