Thursday, October 26, 2006

You and me, we were meant to be

Yesterday I tried my hand at making Beef Stew and though it wasn't horrible it was definitely not as good as Kate's. I guess the beauty of beef stew is that as long as it's not burned you can't really go wrong. While we were eating our stew, with Finn on the table in his catapult, we listened to "The World's Greatest Love Songs" at least according to some one who posted the songs on Torrentspy. There were some classic songs that weren't bad they were just not love songs. Kate and I laughed as each new track would come up, not exactly the romantic mood I was hoping to create but fun none the less. It got me thinking about what makes a good love song and while I'm not sure the criteria I do know a couple of good examples:

One of the best memories I have as a kid is driving, anywhere, with my parents. The music playing, Mark and I in the back fighting over seat space in the back like it was the Korean DMZ. One of the things that I hoped for and would try to will into being while we were in the car was Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins to come on the radio. If that song came on we were in for a treat. The border skirmishes stopped and Mark and I looked up into the front of the car in rapt awe. My dad would turn up the music, look over at my mom like he was going to cry, and put his hand on her leg to gently tap out the beat. From the back we knew we didn't have money, we knew that he was so in love with her, we knew that we would be OK with these two. This song sums up my childhood more then any other I can think of. What ever song came up next would lead my dad to turn the windshield wipers on and off to the beat, dance in his seat like a roster showing off and make his biceps dance. We would laugh and try to sing along whether we knew the words or not, now that is a love song.

I am not sure what that song is going to be for Finn as he is growing up but I think This is Us by Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris might contend. When this song comes on I look over at Kate the way my dad looked over at my mom when their song came on. I am filled with joy at how lucky I am, and how heavy the moment is. I wish I could keep the beat with my biceps and make Kate laugh the way my dad made us laugh in the car. I can do the dance, and I know now why he did it. He did it because he had to do something to release those emotions before he started crying and the roster dance was as good an outlet as any.

What songs do you have?


The Popular Stranger said...

Just the other night, Living on a Prayer came on the radio and I was telling John how that was our theme song (mine, my brother's and my mom's)when my parents had first split. We used to dance together in the living room/mom's bedroom and sing it at the top of our lungs.
I sang it with just as much gusto as i did back then.
"We've got to hold on to what we've got'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
We've got each other and that's a lot for love -We'll give it a shot.
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer. Take my hand and we'll make it I swear - livin' on a prayer."

Meg Schroeder said...

I don't know about love songs, but the song that I will forever love Mike for introducing me to and for saying he thought of me when he heard it is "Beautiful" by Plankeye, I think. "At your feet I lay her down, humbly before you I bow. She's the blessing, you've given to me, Father of Light. Beautiful, beautiful... Many daughters have done well, but you excell them all... Beautiful, beautiful"

Mrs. Breitz said...

Dear James, Kate, and Finn,

I finally got brave and went on your blog. I love that I get to see your everyday life. Finn was so beautiful when I met him. I hope it's not too long before our families get together. I saw Em at Ly's shower (i was the shower talker, you wopuld have been so proud of me). Em had just had her appendix out - she still looked great. She said you had visited her. You are the best Kate!! Today is our neighborhood Hallowween party (I have a pirate, a ninja, and a cavewoman!) I pray daily for you and I am so proud of your life. xoxoxo Mrs. B (Me and Mr. B. dance at dinner to just about anything! A love song is a love song when you are with who you love!!)

Mrs. Breitz said...

I went on the blog pictures and just so you know... I cried when I saw the pictures of you and Kate. That is the love song of my life, seeing you girls so happy and serving God with your lives.