Friday, October 13, 2006

Finn Loves Aunt Brigade

On Monday Afternoon of this week my Aunt Jamie and Aunt Bum arrived from Oregon for the week. The only sisters of both my mom (Jamie) and my dad (Bum) riding into town on Aunt Brigade. It has been such a wonderful week so far and I couldn't be happier that I am off of work for this time. On Tuesday it was mine and Kate's 2 year anniversary as well as Aunt Jamie's 37*th birthday. We decided that birthdays come before anniversaries so we made dinner and a cake and celebrated Jamie's day first. On Wednesday we explored the downtown mall and showed Aunt Bum where Kate and I got married at the White River Gardens. There was a back gate open and very nice woman let us peak in without paying once she heard I was married there and My Aunts were visiting from Oregon. Finn was shockingly short on Camo outfits so Aunt Brigade fixed that and decked him out in some pants, socks, and shirts. In the little camo pants there was a surprise in each pocket for our dinner that night. Kate and I got to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner and an even fancier one for dessert with the money found in the camo. I think I'm coming around to their point of view on the camo. Finn, like Kate and I, has been spoiled these past couple of days by Aunt Brigade. He has been a little sick but they have taken such great care of him. Poor guy is in for a sad week next week when it's just me and him again. We are going to go check out some sights downtown today and meet up with Kate who is getting photographed for a possible inclusion in the December issue of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. I think everybody should have an Aunt Brigade.

* Even though she has a 32 year old son, my cousin, I think this number is still correct.


jamie said...

Obviously I'm not the favorite or he would know how to spell my name.


JR said...

Fixed the Two misspellings

Anonymous said...

That was the funest, wonderful week. I truly enjoyed myself. I couldn't have asked for better hosts. James & Kate you are wonderful parents and family. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful, addorable & happy son. I Love the 3 of you very much, and thank you for everything.

Auntie Bum