Monday, October 02, 2006

Day one - Stay at Home Dad

If you haven't heard already I am no longer gainfully employed. I turned in my two weeks notice on Wednesday and through a series of bizarre circumstances I was asked not to come back into the office. I still get paid for the two weeks I just don't need to come in. It was a shrewd but good decision made by the company that could not have worked out better for me. Kate started work this morning and we were going to have to juggle some child care for two weeks. Now I am home with Finn, getting paid for it for at least a week and a half, and enjoying every second so far.

Before Finn was even born Kate and I talked about staying home vs. working and which of us would do which. I wanted to stay home with Finn and do odd jobs on the side, while Kate wanted the interaction of the workplace. We didn't know when and how that would materialize but the past week Kate got a call from the company she temped for before Finn was born. The moved offices to downtown Indy, about 1/2 a mile from our house, and wanted Kate to come back.

I know that it is going to be hard being home with Finn. There will be loneliness, boredom, a vacillating sense of self worth and more. I think I am as ready as I can be for that. I know that it will be harder then I could imagine and easier then I thought depending on the day. I'll have to learn to raise a child, manage a household, shop for groceries, cook........ I'm ready to learn though, I'm ready for this new job, this new challenge. Today I am ready for it, ask me again in two weeks when I am no longer being paid for it.


Ben Lindwall said...

Seriously James, you are an inspiration to me. Way to go against social norms and expectations! And I can only think that this will be a rich and fullfilling experience for you. Say hi to Finn and Kate!

Jessica Kramer said...

Awesome! I'm excited for you guys! :) See you Wed.!

Here are some more exclamation points just for good measure...!!!



Aunties Jamie and Bum said...

But James, in a week you will have two of the best teachers money can buy!!

See you soon!

Linsey Savage said...

I kept waiting for you to draw the line as you progressed through your litany of new duties: household management, grocery shopping, cooking... no, not cooking... good for you for being up for whatever!