Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day Two - settling in

Finn is asleep in his swing and has been for an hour and a half. I have a warm bottle for him when he wakes up having learned from yesterday. I waited to warm the bottle until after he woke up and he was an angry elf. That boy likes a little snack when he wakes up or else he is going to vocalize his frustration. I met Kate for lunch yesterday and brought Finn up to her office to show him off. Finn was smiling and flirting with each and every person that came up. That kid knows how to work a room, especially a room of ladies. He had the turn and smile, the eyebrow raise, and the "I'm so happy I might just poop" face going yesterday and he was mixing them up Greg Maddux in his prime. Once we came home he slept for a couple of hours and finished a couple of things around the house. There is a new economy of time with Finn that I have to get used to. You need to get everything ready to go before you feed him or else you lose a good 45 minutes. It's also easier to get things done outside of the house, like the library or post office, then it is to do things around the house. That is something I'm going to need to get better at, but luckily for me I have two great teachers coming next week. The elf is starting to stir so I better bring him his bottle.