Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day Three - The rhythm of things

Finn is in his swing struggling to get free of the lose blanket around his arms. The ticking of the swing like a metronome is lulling both him and I but he is fighting it with all his little strength. There seems to be a rhythm to the day that I find myself dancing to almost unconsciously. Drop off Kate eat-play-sleep, have lunch with Kate eat-play-sleep, go get Kate from work eat-play-sleep. There is a rhythm to moving around the house while he sleeps too. Grabbing something in one room and bringing it to another and then grabbing something there that goes somewhere else. It almost seems choreographed and I am following the foot prints on the floor.

Some things I learned yesterday:

* Turn off the ringer in the living room if Finn is sleeping up there. The phone rings and he wakes very angry.

* Finn will eat a 9 ounce bottle if you let him but he doesn't need too.

* Just because I just changed his diaper doesn't mean that the horrendous smell in the library is not Finn. He can reload quickly.

* Making a bubble beard for Finn in the bath is fun for me and for him.

* Finn loves to play with the baby in the mirror. He thinks that kid adorable! (picture above)


Jamie said...

Doug had an adorable baby friend too and I have a similar picture!!

4 more wake-ups!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt bregade (sp) is coming! See ya all soon. Can't wait.

Auntie Bum