Friday, April 07, 2006

Blog Adjustment

I have added a couple new things and had to remove some others:


  1. Link to my Flickr page where we have our photos online to view. There are some new Hawaii pictures and we will be adding photos as we go.
  2. House progress bars. These are handy graphs to show our progress in fixing up our old house
  3. links. This is my little black book on the internet where I keep track of pages I have come across and want to bookmark. Instead of bookmarking it on the computer I am at I store it here so I can get to it anywhere and you could too.

  1. Mark's Blog. Sadly Mark does not update his blog more then once every three months so I have made the tough decision to remove the link. It is particularly sad because Mark is like a brother to me.
Well that is what's new around here, thanks for having a computer!