Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blah Blah Blah..... But what is new with the house?

After my not so successful weekend alone, I got a bunch done for sure but not stuff that leaves an impression, we have had two weeks together to take care of some much needed home improvements. Now let's not get caught up in the amount of stuff Kate does in respect to me, and let's instead focus on how the house is coming together. Deal?

Kate brought home a number of treasures from her trip to Iowa including a crib, two dining room chairs, 5 old advertisements framed, a large milk jug, and some other stuff that I can't recall but will be made fun for not noticing. Kate has painted the crib and a dresser we got from her parents white to go in the aloe baby room. She also made curtains for that room, made a baby bumper out of the same fabrics she used for the curtains, and made cushions for the rocking chair with the same materials. There is a unifying theme of aloe, baby blue, chocolate brown, and shabby chic white. Kate also painted the two new dining room chairs and the other 4 existing ones as well as recovering the seat of one of them. Right about now you are probably wondering what it is that I am doing to contribute but we made a deal not to bring that up. How soon you forget your end of the bargain or fickle reader!

Kate planted the vegetable garden that she started in the raised bed that she made with the help of Joe the neighborhood gardener. He gave her pointers and she nodded politely and then just did it the way she wanted. (Something I know a lot about personally) Kate and I finished painting the baby room and cleared out a soon to be flower bed on the back of the house. I took the saw to some trees growing through our fence and moved piles of dirt from one side of the house to the other to make sure the grade around the house keeps the water out of the basement. So all in all we (Kate) have made a lot of progress in the past couple of weeks and the little changes are starting to add up. I will get pictures up soon, I just need to track down a camera. The babies room is looking so cool and it is vintage Kate. I am continually amazed at her sense of style and the way she has of adding and subtracting in small amounts from rooms until the right balance is found.


Anonymous said...

We really need some pictures of this stuff to fully realize the vastness of the interior transformations.
Okay, really I just miss you guys and wanna imagine you in your cute house, happy and pregnant. Are you trying to get me hooked on your blog? It may be working.

Sparky said...

Okay good post JR. I am going to use this forum to shamelessly promote my email address. mdrohl@gmail.com. I Mark Rohl am going to purchase (with everyones help) JR and Kate a new camera so they can show us all the cute things they are doing around the house. And around the baby. With the posse here in AZ and the others spred out the east I know we can bless them with exactally what they need. Love you JR and Kate!!!! Cant wait to help with that beautiful home of yours!!!

Linsey Savage said...

1. "Vintage Kate"??? Oh, how I miss it!!!
2. Yes, Mark is the ideal candidate for Camera-Selector-Guy.
3. I miss everyone, too. :)

jamie said...

I find it hard to believe that you have run out of words......

bing said...

I Love You.