Monday, April 17, 2006

Gender Rohls

As you can see below I got a good deal of the stuff on my list done though some of it was done by Kate while I watched a Laker Game. Yeah that’s right, Kate mowed the lawn while I sat in the living room watching a basketball game on TV. 7 months pregnant Kate, in 80 degree Thunder Storm Warning weather mowing the front and back lawn while I, James Michael Rohl, sat in the cool house watching Kobe and company remind the Suns that they are still dangerous. Now I realize that this sounds bad, it sounded bad to me at the time, but Kate would not let me mow the lawn. She said “How often are the Lakers on TV? How much do you love the Lakers? And they are playing the Suns Right? I would be more upset with you if you didn’t watch this game!” She made great points and I eventually gave in but you have to believe me it was harder then you think.


Kyle said...

I'd be nervous...very nervous. Kate must want something big...that's just being too nice.